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Flying with a baby: what to pack in your carry-on with Nanny Louenna

With Spring arriving and warmer weather on the horizon, many people will be jetting off for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Many of them will be travelling for the first time with their babies. The idea of going on a plane with a little one seems daunting, however with some essential planning, the right gear, and a willingness to make lists, flying with a baby or young kids can be enjoyable.

Nelsons® Teetha® have teamed up with Norland Nanny, @nannylouenna, to bring you top tips on how to make that first flight a smooth one.

  • When preparing to fly with a young baby, ring your airline and ask for a bassinet cot as soon as you book your tickets.
  • Babies and children need to have their own passports to fly, regardless of age.
  • If you are taking a big pram that won’t be allowed as carry-on luggage, it’s worth buying a pram cover to pack your pram in when it goes through cargo on the plane, as they are often thrown around with the bags and can get broken if not protected.
  • Dress your baby in layers of thin clothing that can be taken off or added depending on whether the cabin gets very hot or cold throughout the journey.
  • Always offer milk or a dummy on take-off and landing. The sucking and swallowing rhythm will stop your baby’s ears from popping and getting sore.
  • On the flight, try and stick to your baby’s usual routine, but offer extra milk. The lack of humidity in the air in the cabin can cause dehydration.
  • Give yourself lots of time at the airport so that you aren't in a rush, smile at your baby, talk to them, and above all… stay calm!

Baby Cabin Bag Checklist

  • If you are taking formula milk with you, pack containers to take formula powder with you - always take at least two extra pots than you anticipate you need in case of spillages or delays. Ask the flight attendant for boiling water to make your babies bottle up half an hour before needed so that it has time to cool down.
  • Muslins
  • Bibs
  • Soft blanket
  • Baby book
  • Suction pad toy that sticks to the table so that you aren't constantly picking up toys from the floor!
  • Disposable change mats to use in public changing stations which I throw away after use.
  • Nappies, wipes and nappy cream
  • Packet of ziplock bags to hold sterile teething toys, bowls, spoons, and bottles. They're also great for storing wet clothing or separating things in your bag.
  • If your little one is weaning, take some food pouches with you, a spoon and a beaker or bottle for water.
  • Baby moisturiser to massage your baby’s skin as their cheeks often get dry and cracked. It also doubles as a great hand moisturiser for you!
  • Thermometer and sachets of Calpol if your baby is feverish.
  • If your little one is suffering from teething symptoms, take the Teetha Teething Granules to provide relief.
  • Spare clothes for you (in case you are sicked on) and your baby in your hand luggage.
  • Small foldable pram, or a baby sling with you so that you have your hands free to deal with passports etc.
  • Antibacterial wipes are great for cleaning highchairs, surfaces and cots when you travel