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Some children get cranky and irritable when they're teething, others may dribble and drool, but the only sure way to know if your child is teething is to examine their gums. You may be able to see or feel a new tooth emerging. 

The mild baby teething symptoms to look out for before your baby's first tooth arrives may include:

  • Sore and tender gums
  • Teething pain and discomfort
  • Biting, gum rubbing and sucking or more dribbling than usual which can result in teething rash
  • Flushed cheeks and ear rubbing
  • Irritability which can lead to poor appetite and a disturbed sleep. 


Teetha Teething Granules and Teetha Teething Gel are able to relieve teething pain, and also help with some of the symptoms mentioned above. 

Teething shouldn't cause any serious concern. If your child seems really distressed or has other symptoms, seek medical advice as these are unlikely to be related to teething.

Teething Timeline

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The timing varies from child to child, but you should see the first two bottom teeth (the lower central incisors) starting to emerge at around 6 months of age. Sometimes baby teeth appear earlier or later than shown here, but most children will have a full set of 20 milk teeth by their third birthday.

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