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Things to do with your baby this Spring

Spring is here which means it’s now a great time to take your little baby out into the world! Here are some of our favourite parent and baby activities for you to do as the weather improves and the sun shines

1 - Have a picnic

Yes, we know; there’s nothing earth shatteringly original about picnics but they’re tried and true for good reason so consider taking your baby on one. Take some food and a blanket with you and let your little baby experience nature for what may be the first time. Let them hold and smell leaves, sprinkle grass in their hair, tickle them and pretend to eat their limbs. They’ll love it!

2 - Listen to music with them

Do you ever listen to your favourite music with your baby? If not then now’s a great time to start. Dig out all your old CDs (or mp3s) and listen to all of them with your child. Sing along, dance, be happy and bond with your child as you both share in this experience of the music you love. Also, the more you do this the more your baby will come to love your favourite music too. An added bonus!

3 - Play big white van

Go for a walk with your little trouble maker and let them enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of society. And while you’re at it, play the big white van game, which essentially works like this. Every time you see a big white van, one or both of you will say ‘Big white van!’ It’ll help your child hone their powers of perception and attention and will be a fun thing you can do together.

4 - Go for a swim

Your baby has probably never experienced true weightlessness before so let today be a first for them. Take them to your local swimming pool, and let them enjoy floating in the water while you play with them. You can even teach them to swim if you can. Your baby might be the next Michael Phelps but how will you ever know if you don’t pop them in some water and see what happens?

5 - Take a baby yoga class

Baby yoga is a style of yoga that’s designed for parents and children to do together. It’s a practice that’s aimed at strengthening bonds while boosting health and wellbeing. If you’d like your baby to start forming positive associations to exercise at an early age this might be a great thing to do with them.

The world is your oyster and there’s any number of things you can do with your bundle of joy as the weather improves and you can venture outdoors again. Experiment, get creative, and have fun coming up with your own ideas.