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How to soothe a teething baby during lockdown

Although a milestone, teething can cause discomfort for baby which can be stressful for parents, with a study by Nelsons® even revealing that over a third (39%) of parents state that it’s the most distressing ailment for parents! And while having a teething baby is distressing in normal circumstances, you might be finding it a little bit more difficult to deal with during lockdown, and that’s totally fine. Between work, laundry and possibly more kids, all under the same roof, a teething child is probably the last thing you need at the moment.

Nelsons® Teetha® has collated a teething guide to help you soothe your baby while you’re home. The individual and very different teething experiences that babies go through mean experts often disagree about the symptoms of teething. However, most parents notice some of the following signs.


  • Drooling
  • Biting
  • Irritability
  • Ear pulling
  • Sleeplessness
  • Flushed cheeks

How to recognise the signs:

  • Run a clean finger gently around the inside of your baby's mouth, can you feel a tooth bud at the surface of the gum? Or can you see a tooth pushing through?
  • Does your baby have sore and tender gums and/or flushed cheeks?Is your baby showing signs of excessive dribbling and an urge to chew or bite?

Teething tips:

  • Try putting your little one into a warm bath to help calm them down. After the bath give your baby a gentle massage while rubbing baby oil on them.
  • Keep teething toys in the fridge to help soothe gums. The coldness of the teething toy provides a numbing effect. You could also wet a clean washcloth and freeze it in a plastic bag to keep it clean. Run a clean finger very gently over sore gums, the gentle pressure might help soothe the pain.
  • Try offering the baby a cold bottle of water or milk. This can also help replenish their fluid levels when dribbling is excessive.
  • If the constant dribbling is causing sore skin, redness or a rash, try to keep the area dry and apply a barrier cream to protect and soothe the skin.
  • If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed during lockdown and have a partner, make sure you’re taking shifts with soothing your baby.
  • Try giving your little one a product like Nelsons® Teetha® Teething Granules which can help relieve the symptoms associated with teething.


*If you are concerned about any symptoms that your baby may have, in particular if they have a fever, please consult your doctor.

(1) A survey conducted on 2,015 UK adults, by Atomik Research on behalf of Nelsons 14-18th November 2013