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Top Ten Tips for Flying with Your Baby

Have you planned a holiday this year that involves flying? For some parents, the thought of flying with a baby can be overwhelming, but it can be done! Here are some useful flight tips to make travelling with your baby a little easier.

  1. Before going on your trip, call the airline to make sure your lap-child is registered for the flight or ask when you check-in. Most airlines will require them to have a boarding pass, or at least a note on your own pass, even if they don’t need a separate seat
  2. Ask for an extra seat. Many flights aren’t fully booked so there might be an empty one available. Make sure you arrive early at the gate and ask if you can be moved next to the empty seat if it’s there. It will give you much more space during the flight!
  3. Get on the plane last. Let your child burn as much energy as possible in the airport lounge, before you confine them to a small space for hours on end
  4. Travel during nap time whenever possible. Flights will pass quicker when your baby is asleep Dress your baby in layers. Temperatures in airports and on planes tend to vary quite a lot. If your baby wears layers, you can easily adjust them to the surrounding temperature
  5. Dress your baby for quick and easy nappy changes. A onesie with leggings will let you change the nappy without removing socks, shoes and pants
  6. Wear your baby in a sling! Travelling with a baby often means you have to bring a lot of different items and having your hands free will be very helpful. It will also help soothe and keep them calm in a busy and new environment
  7. Feed them at take-off and landing. Your baby might experience the pressure changes as uncomfortable. Sucking and swallowing helps to clear their ears which they don’t know how to do on their own yet. But if your baby is asleep, don’t wake them
  8. Bring your baby’s favourite low-mess snack. Pureed foods in tubes are great for travelling
  9. Keep calm and carry on! Try not to stress about the trip because your baby might notice and get upset. Prepare well, try to relax and have fun with your child. (see our RESCUE Remedy range) .

Have you been on holiday with your little one recently? And was it pain-free or pain-filled? Tell us about it on our Facebook page!